My collection of books about food and cookbooks is ever expanding. Over the years it has spread from a shelf in the pantry, to the living room, and to the study. There are always a few beside the bed as well.

My favourites are in the living room so I can read one when I am sick of watching the program the rest of the family are viewing on TV.

The ones in the kitchen are there for quick reference, and mainly for the rest of the family in the hope that they'll cook sometime soon...

The one's in the study are about 2.5 metres above ground and only accessed by ladder. They include all my golden (and somewhat shamefull) oldies including those formal dinner party efforts from the 80's predominately published by Magazines.

I am going to post some reviews here, and will endeavour over time to compile a complete list and a brief comment on each - whether it is worth buying, or binning. I am afraid I have a few which should definately be binned.

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